The newest show’s creators had been actually offered while making him homosexual in the beginning of the series however, at some point failed to

The latest founders got Chandler indicated that he or she is, actually, straight within the “The one In which Nana Becomes deceased Twice” whenever a colleague regarding their at your workplace would like to program good time having some other kid, considering he is gay. The guy tells his relatives about this, upcoming realizes that nonetheless they – in the one-point – think he had been gay.

Other such and this insinuates Chandler’s homosexuality is when Ross exposes Chandler’s kiss having a guy so you can Monica

Just after Chandler performs an excellent prank toward Ross of the upload to their university site one Ross keeps gender having dinosaurs, Ross brings a typical page to possess Chandler. Into the web page, Ross says one Chandler try, “once the homosexual just like the day is long,” and get supplies electronically edited pictures regarding Chandler making out having a policeman. Some of the alumni compliment Chandler towards the revealing this reality. Because the good retort, Chandler postings on the Ross’ webpage he provides passed away.

Ross claims, “Now, Chandler is not necessarily the particular kid just who gets into a pub and you will tends to make aside which have females,” leading to Monica so you can shout, Chandler replies, “Within my shelter, it was really black in which he are a very quite son!”

A lot of Chandler’s sexual ambiguity comes from their youngsters, because would most other character traits particularly puffing and you will resorting to humor. Toward Thanksgiving whenever Chandler is actually 9, his father announced he was a homosexual and that he is getting a divorce proceedings away from his spouse as however, “instead sleep on houseboy than [her].” The fresh new houseboy said, “Even more chicken, Mr. Chandler?” really women sound after that it statement. For that reason, Chandler detests Thanksgiving and you may won’t consume any antique Thanksgiving food.

Chandler’s father moved to Las Vegas, where he opened up an all-male burlesque called Viva Las Gay-gas. The burlesque features such musical numbers as It is Pouring Guys, where he works as a cross-dresser named Helena Handbasket. Chandler tells Monica that when he was growing up, he played the dancer on the far left.

Next amusement is provided whenever Chandler pays attention to help you a self-assist hypnosis recording designed to prevent him off puffing. The new tape is perfect for people, and Chandler appear underneath the suggestion to be an effective “strong, effective, convinced lady.” Which manifests in itself when you look at the Chandler using Guy Adhere such as for instance a woman applying lipstick and you may blotting with a tissues and emerging about shower having a towel as much as his bust and you will a good turban towards their head. The guy also says to Rachel that this woman is wear a “astonishing blouse.” Joey overhears the tape and you will tampers on it, tape an email within it recommending you to definitely Chandler want to make him, “a parmesan cheese sandwich day-after-day,” and purchase your, “hundreds of dollars value of jeans.”


If show initiate, Chandler work because the a data Chip. This really is work which he thoroughly loathes, and you can attempts to stop early in seasons step one (“The main one To the Stoned Child”). His manager even offers a publicity and a lot more plus currency so you can lure him right back. Depending on the nameplate on their doorway (found in “The only Towards the Ick Grounds”) he’s got feel Processing Manager. Even in the event never ever explicitly mentioned, outside change images demonstrate that Chandler’s work environment is in the Solow Strengthening.

  • The inventors earn the newest trivia video game once the Rachel and you can Monica usually do not know what Chandler does for a living (“The main one To your Embryos”) (Even if given that Ross created the video game, this means that which he understands the answer)
  • Joey immediately after claims, ” And you name your self a keen accountant?” and you can Chandler replies, “No!”
  • Monica admits once or twice that she does not hear this as he discusses their really works, however, ultimately discovers what the guy does when he quits when you look at the seasons nine. She calls it, “Statistical Research and you may Studies Reconfiguration.” Chandler responds of the considering her and saying, “I quit, therefore learn everything i create?”
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