The new Xbox app will now come integrated into Windows 11, making it way easier to download and install games from Xbox Game Pass, such as Age of Empires IV and Halo Infinite. You’ll no longer see live tiles, but widgets will replace them in terms of functionality. Instead, there’s a launcher, and you will also see your recent files and documents.

Once you customize your workflow, you won’t be disappointed. Another oddity about windows 11, is that it’s been having a huge amount of problems in determining which machine is eligible for upgrading. The good news is that if you aren’t on Windows 11, or if your hardware isn’t supported, it’s been possible to run Android apps for years, as shown on Windows 7 in the below picture. Our favorite Android emulator is NoxPlayer, which is totally free and gives you the full Android experience, even native rooting, directly on your laptop or desktop.

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As noted, the choice of layouts appears when you hover over the maximum button, giving you more options on how you want to view your running apps. Thankfully, you can still snap a window to the side so that it fills up exactly half the screen. Since its launch back in 2015, Windows 10 has been a huge success for Microsoft. It brought so many changes and features and changed the way we use PCs. Now, with the launch of the new Windows 11 OS, many people speculate that it will revolutionize user experience. There are some guides online that suggest a few work-arounds to address the problem – although most of the ones we tested failed to fix the issue.

  • It’s also worth noting that you’re going to have to roll back to Windows 10 when Windows 11 exits beta testing and you don’t meet the minimum requirements.
  • If your computer is stuck in a loop where it continually restarts and doesn’t stay turned on, your computer may be trying to boot from the USB you used to load the software.
  • Microsoft supports multiple ways to clean install Windows 11, including using a USB flash drive to set up the OS on an SSD (Solid-State Drive).

These small animations go a really long way to making Windows 11 feel like a fluid experience, which is leaps and bounds over the user experience on Windows 10. I’d love to see filter options become available in the future. For example, I’d love to be able to set how long certain file types actually show up in the Recommended area as a recent file, or filter out certain file types altogether.

Bypass the TPM 2.0 Requirement

Swipe from the left-hand side of the screen brings them up, and they do their job for bite-sized information at a glance. Since the upgrade was available to be used in the Insider Build program to test Windows 11, there’s currently no way of switching this off, which raises a concern as to why there isn’t an option here. Microsoft has also introduced ARM64EC, a new application binary interface that increases the performance of apps to native speed while being interoperable with x64 apps. Essentially, this allows developers to compile bits of their app for ARM, increasing performance while still emulating the rest of it. This is good for developers who can’t completely recompile their app for ARM natively. It’s fair to say that Microsoft took the whole “making Windows simpler” to heart when it comes to the File Explorer.

Windows 11 review: Teams

Fortunately, you can revisit the Windows 10 menu by clicking on Show more options or pressing the Shift+F10 shortcut. A permanent change option would be nice to have though. With Sun Valley 2 , it looks like Microsoft will make a new change that will improve the app list overflow experience and address alignment issues with the taskbar, so you can easily change its size. Windows 11 provides a calm and creative space where you can pursue your passions through a fresh experience. From a rejuvenated Start realtek drivers download menu, to new ways to connect to your favorite people, news, games, and content—Windows 11 is the place to think, express, and create in a natural way. Error messages during the upgrade process are often due to add-on hardware.

These were the animated squares you could see whenever you opened the Start menu in Windows 10. They were implemented to show you live updates for apps such as Weather, Calendar, etc, but that functionality has been moved elsewhere – more on that later. This is because Virtualization Based Security has become a keystone concept in Microsoft’s approach to security. VBS runs Windows on top of a hypervisor, which can then use the same techniques that keep guest operating systems apart to create secure spaces that are isolated from the main OS. Doing that requires hardware-based virtualization features, and enough horsepower that you won’t notice the drag on performance.

If the laptop or desktop computer uses an older Windows release and has no issues, you can safely upgrade to Windows 11 21H2. As a result, it’s always a good idea to create a full backup before proceeding. Microsoft initially began the controlled rollout on October 5 only for devices known to have a smooth upgrade experience, and it’s fully available since April 15, 2022. However, since this is an optional update, the decision as to whether you should install it now or wait longer to avoid possible issues will be up to you. Clock is a surprising app to be redesigned here as well.

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