It is an algorithm that maps the environment where the user is located and tracks all of their movements. AR apps containing this feature can remember the position of physical objects within some environment and position virtual objects accordingly to their position and users movements. SLAM has huge potential and can be used in many kinds of apps, not only AR apps. The main advantage of this technology is the ability to be used indoors while GPS is only available outdoors. If you are going to create a location-based AR application, geolocation is a fundamental feature that must be supported by the AR tool you are going to use. GPS can be used both in AR games like Pokemon Go as well as in apps made to overlay data on some nearby locations .

What do you need for an AR app

So, you will identify where they are lacking and find ways to improve the features that you can include to give the best user experience to your customers. Isn’t it impressive to try on virtual 3D glasses through the Warby Parker app? Many entrepreneurs have already started to grab this opportunity, including Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook. Combining mixed reality, virtual reality, and augmented reality can change how your business operates.

Tell us more about your business needs to help us serve you better. The more detailed information will allow us to route your inquiry to the most appropriate person in our team. Whilst each team was given a high-level scenario (e.g. “manufacturing operation” augmented reality app development company or “design review”), they were free to choose their own. Work such as this can take between 250 and 500 hours, depending of course on the complexity of the products involved. Impactful and well-known AR apps to hit the market was Pokemon Go in 2016.

What Is AR Zone App on Smartphones?

AR was undoubtedly a crucial feature component that brands commonly and popularly utilized to allow customers to preview what they are buying. In general, you are using your mobile phone to create a 3D plan through your camera. Platform compatibility is a crucial element that you cannot afford to hamper. It would help if you made your retail app compatible with any popular OS, so you do not lose a part of the audience. Use our project cost estimator to get a cost estimate for your project based on start agency pricing and compare with our pricing to measure your savings. At TekRevol – we are familiar with game development and how to create a digital product that lives up to today’s standards.

What do you need for an AR app

The Zone app, AR app, and even emoji app are just some of the names users have given to Samsung’s AR Zone App. AR stands for Augmented Reality, and the AR Zone app aims to bring this technology to the palm of your hand. A more oddball option allows you to project a mesh on to your own face to explore its attributes, presumably preparing you for the day you’re sucked into a fully virtual world. Players take command of a force of machines to defeat their enemy, with your phone’s screen serving as a viewfinder that you have to physically move around to position your forces and aim superweapons. Players can train and learn in the practice mode, and once they’re ready, they can battle it out in online multiplayer or in local multiplayer with friends gathered around the same table. It’s proof that the best AR apps aren’t necessarily all work and no play.

Another great feature that AR Zone comes with is the AR Emoji studio that’s easy to navigate and animated characters can be created with it. So, that’s all for the camera mode, you can follow the steps and capture memories. As you scroll down, you will get other camera options to click pictures or record videos that include the “Scene, Mirror, and Play” mode. Now, if you want to add a new emoji character, the camera will prompt a “+” sign. We aim to speed-up your development with a team of dedicated remote developers having in-depth knowledge, and technological excellence.


Like most top AR development programs, Wikitude supports a variety of tracking methods and technologies, but also incorporates geolocation, cloud recognition, and distance-based scaling features. We can define several significant differences in the basic performance of most AR-based apps. Thus, some solutions focus on identifying graphic markers (like QR-codes or complex graphs), others process data received via GPS while the rest may combine both features. An emerging technology is a full-body motion tracking AR/VR solutions for those in the industries who require believable real world interactions inside their virtual world environments.

Interested users can try on various crowns, turn themselves into a koala or a rabbit or choose to have math equations float around their heads. Holo lets users place a variety of holographic models and figures into a scene for photo and video capture. Your iPhone comes with Apple’s built-in Measure app, which combines a virtual spirit level and point-to-point measuring capabilities. MeasureKit provides a few extra options for a small $2,99 outlay. Simply draw a marker on yourself, point your iPhone camera, and Inkhunter shows you a dynamic preview of the tattoo, with the ability to rotate and customize the design. Users can try out a bunch of preset designs or upload their own, making sure that you’ll never regret having that tattoo.

What do you need for an AR app

Virtual reality and augmented reality are still in their early days, so there are many opportunities for companies to use them to increase productivity and efficiency. Other augmented reality software not mentioned in this article include Webar and Spark AR. High-quality AR experiences are made possible by using computer vision and artificial intelligence, making it possible to track objects in real-time. Use all its core features to build entirely new AR experiences or enhance existing ones. In addition, ARCore can build up its meaning and definition of the world the more it’s used, allowing for a seamless experience for the user.

EasyAR is an Asian solution for creating AR apps that is heavily underappreciated by most developers. As opposed to many other tools, the solution doesn’t feature a built-in object manager. Instead, objects are identified by recreating initially predefined 3D models.

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When away from marketing, you can find him catching up on pop-culture news and looking over stories of representation. To sum it up – consumers can redefine their look with tools and makeup – all virtually with the help of augmented reality. When a tourist walks in a city – Google Maps allows them to experience an immersive view where everything virtual can be seen through the camera, almost like real-life.

What do you need for an AR app

In addition, when it comes to compliance and safety risks, this platform is one of the best in ensuring that all measures are met. If you’re looking for a solution chosen by more than a million developers, Vuforia Engine is a good bet. As Google owns ARCore, it has a vast reach concerning devices and capabilities.

And provide you with the opportunity to capture the video and photos that take up all the fantastic elements together. Many businesses can familiarize themselves with the core feature and functions of AR zone apps and transform them into a video conferencing subset. This major shift can reform the predictable experience of AR and can offer a transformation in the corporate realm that is effectively used these days. In a nutshell, the AR zone app can reform massive business openings to inspire appreneurs. In contrast, the AR canvas beta version is also available for Android users. These apps have currently been downloaded by more than 1000 users and can surge the effectiveness of many businesses.


In fact, many people think of it more as an AR emoji app rather than the sophisticated tool that Samsung intended it to be. Users scan their floor plan with their phone, and then you can select furniture designs and drag and drop them into place using your smartphone as a viewfinder. Simple physics-based gameplay and single player and hotseat multiplayer give you a lot of ways to play the game. Unlike more involved AR experiences, Smash Tanks plays just as well on your carpet or on the floor of your living room as it does outdoors.

  • You also can make your work public for any WallaMe user to discover with their viewfinder.
  • AR Zone is hot and trending in technology that is offering its users the best and most explicit experience.
  • Too many big brands and retailers have closed in recent years for this to be a passing trend.
  • Get a free consultation call with our app development experts and start today.
  • Even if you think more edit or decorate is required in the emoji studio feature, then you can select My Emoji.
  • Work such as this can take between 250 and 500 hours, depending of course on the complexity of the products involved.

A key part of that challenge is to ensure the UI/UX is closely tailored to the needs of the user, otherwise, there is a risk that the app won’t provide much value for those who download it. Augmented reality challenges include identifying a suitable business case and finding the right way to integrate AR with the services your company provides. If this is something you are looking at doing, then here are a few things you need to consider, including potential cost implications. As part of the sales experience, you can show customers more easily the destinations on offer. And then, when you get to your destination, AR apps can give holidaymakers more information and immersive experience that will contribute to the quality of the holiday. Marker-based overlays of information offer marketers an enormous amount of potential.

However, you need a good team to work on AR project for your business. Make sure you hire experienced talent in case you have not built AR products before. One of the most popular formats also involves quite a bit of work and the use of several technologies. Creating a location-based AR app involves working with GPS, Wi-Fi, and compass, plus the 3D tools and digital content creation to create the information overlay.

Here is the list of requirements that you need to consider for app development. It will also be easy for you to explain your requirements to potential app developers. Augmented reality uses your device to blend digital content into the real world.

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Talent500 is one of the most innovative remote team-building platforms helping Fortune 500 companies and fast-growing start-ups. Such applications use complex algorithms and rely on visual odometry to identify an object’s precise location. Projection AR is part of car parking systems and uses built-in cameras in vehicles that collect data from multiple sensors to assist drivers. Architects and engineers also use this technology to better study construction sites.

Inkhunter (Android, iOS: Free)

Integration with third-party tools like Unity and Unreal Engine. Robust face tracking to easily apply face effects or create facial expressions of 3D characters. Turns static images into full motion video that can be played directly on a target surface.

Apple ARKit

Moreover, AR’s best thing is that it can be used in various fields and not just entertainment technology. It includes education and research, military, manufacturing, e-commerce, and many more shared in the following image. To select the best AR development company, consider the following factors. Additionally, you can also get feedback from friends, coworkers, or anyone whose opinion is valuable and trustable to you. Check whether they find the idea helpful, and according to them, which features are missing.

New apps that take advantage of the power of AR are being developed all the time. You can consult our team of app development professionals who can guide you with a constructive and systematic product development path. Here are some of the most popular retail applications using AR.

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